Gregory Vincent St. Cyr I am a criminal defense attorney with an office in the center of Dedham, Massachusetts. Prior to opening my Dedham office, I worked for a Boston law firm for three years. Criminal law has been my specialty and Dedham my location for the last 22 years. In my career as a criminal defense attorney, I have defended almost every type of criminal case, in almost every courthouse in eastern Massachusetts. My approach is governed by a singular focus on clients’ wishes and that focus does not shift through the litigation process.

Criminal cases are dynamic in that the content and flow of information varies. Some information is provided by the prosecutors’ offices. More may be uncovered with our determined and sometimes inventive inquiries with motions and independent investigation. We aim to uncover every detail which could possibly be helpful to winning our cases. Acquired information is promptly passed on to our clients along with expert analysis as to its bearing on the case. In this fashion clients remain fully informed. We consider this kind of communication essential to our professional relationships.

Trials are the ultimate conclusion to a criminal case, but not all cases are won that way. Successful motions may win the case without a trial. We explore all appropriate motions so that every defense is considered and utilized to the client’s maximum benefit. Our clients may be confident that every avenue towards successful resolution has been tested before going to trial. In the event of a trial, our meticulous preparation assures the best possibility of a winning outcome. Trial experience and willingness to go to trial signals to the opposition that we will not accept anything less than the result dictated by our clients’ wishes.

Because of our emphasis on communication, I encourage calls directly to my cell phone if I am not in the office. Calls not answered directly receive responses in less than 24 hours, and urgent calls generally within the hour.

The office is conveniently located just outside of Boston. Our flexible office hours will meet any schedule. Please call or contact us on line to set up a consultation without charge.

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